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Get To Know Liberis: Our Company Values



A talented team delivering an excellent product is a great start, but it isn’t the only way you can define a company. A company’s values will govern the way it behaves and its ability to both attract, grow and keep great people. At Liberis, our values guide the way decisions are made, the people we hire and the way our company is run; they are hugely important to us as a company and a team. 

The journey towards developing our values began with asking each member of our team a simple question: “when you think about working at Liberis, what comes to mind?”

 Wordcloud Values

With these thoughts and sentiments, we then delved deeper, spending a lot of time and effort collaboratively distilling contributions into our four company values:

We do lending differently: Liberis is on a mission to be different, with a real commitment to delighting our customers.

We do lending right: The Liberis product is born out of a sound moral compass. No penalty charges, late fees or fixed monthly payments. We are transparent and honest in everything we do. 

We do lending well: The Liberis cash advance is a fantastic product made for small businesses, as you only pay back when your customers pay you. 

And we love what we do: We take pride in going above and beyond for our customers.

We work hard to ensure our values influence and guide everything that we do at Liberis. They embody our culture, product and customer journey, and are present in the decisions we make and the actions we take each day. They truly mean something to us, but no one tells it better than the team themselves...

We do lending differently

We Do Lending Differently Value 

Louise Knapper – Product Manager, Head of Customer Value

“In my role, doing lending differently means ensuring we think about customers first and foremost in everything we do. So, when making changes to our product, our focus is on what the customer impact will be. Living out this value means we are much closer to our customers and can grow in tune with their needs.”

Greg Mrkusic – Marketing & Risk Director

“For me personally, "doing lending differently" means a focus on understanding our customers and going beyond just doing the right thing.  I make sure to talk to our customers each month, which helps me to understand more about the experience we actually deliver. 

I was particularly pleased to talk to one of our customers who raised a concern on Facebook: by speaking to him I was able to understand and address his needs.  He recognised Liberis as being a ‘lending company that actually do treat you like a human being and have great customer service. They listen and respond and have been very helpful and enabled us to gear our business forward helping us increase turnover and margin’.

 Aaron Brunel – Sales Executive

“Every customer is different, so it's important to us that we understand what their needs are and what we can do to help them. As such, we're always personable, kind and empathetic to their situation, and do everything we can to make their lives easier.” 

We do lending right

 We Do Lending Right Value

Rob Straathof – CEO

“Responsible lending is something we’re truly passionate about. When approving Business Cash Advance applications, we must be certain that the customer can afford to make sustainable repayments that won’t put their financial health at risk. So, we speak to them directly, and work hard to understand the ins and outs of their business and their potential, beyond what we find on their credit file.” 

Emma Doyle – Content & Social Executive 

“We're always sharing updates across the teams, moving around the office to discuss things with each other, and gathering to both celebrate the highs and communicate the lows. This openness has created a really honest, and safe environment that I think truly encourages us to do lending right.”

We Do Lending Well

 We Do Lending Well Value

David Spickett – Operations & Sales Director

“The value "we do lending well" is all about execution. Being tenacious about doing things in the right way, so we can deliver great experiences for our customers. We’re a small enough company to move really fast, meaning we can utilise new technology to make our processes and our customer journey simpler, which will help make life easier for our customers, and hopefully us too.” 

Ed Gent – Business Analyst 

“I’m proud that we’re always looking at how we can serve our customers as quickly as possible, so that we can give them an even better experience. I’ve been working hard to learn new technologies and skills which, will help us to keep making sure we can make credit decisions more accurately, quickly and at a lower cost to our customers.”  

We Love What We Do

 We Love What We Do Value

Joanne Tripp – HR Director 

“If we didn’t love what we do then we wouldn’t be able to live the other values.

This value is played out in pretty much everything I see, every single day. In our commitment to Treating Our Customers Fairly (TCF) and Responsible Lending, when people praise each other for a job well done, or when they notice someone struggling for inspiration and offer them a boost of confidence.”

Danielle Wilson – Head of Direct Partnerships

“I'm passionate about the integrity in which Liberis operate. It's refreshing and unusual to see people in this market doing the right thing when no one is looking. Integrity is the DNA of the business; it really is a part of who we are and the essence of what we do”

Tommy Camden – Broker Sales Administrator 

“Every single employee, from the sales team to executive team, go above and beyond for our customers. We don’t have to embed Treating Customers Fairly principles into our sales pitch – but we do it because we genuinely care about and love what we do.” 

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